Using the People Analyzer Tool to Build a Cohesive Team

Make sure employees align with your company’s core values

Building a company is like a puzzle. You need all the pieces in the right places to complete your vision. That includes a cohesive team. 

However, determining the right people for the right positions is challenging. This tool provides direction while making the decision to hire easier. Let’s dive into what People Analyzer has to offer. 

What is People Analyzer?

First, let’s start off with everything there is to know about this handy system. It’s a visual tool within the Entrepreneurial Operational System; second of six components within EOS. It’s all about getting the correct people who share the company’s core values. 

Should those people not fit with the culture, there’s an easy way to find out. Using People Analyzer, write your employees’ names on the left side. Along the top, write your core values. 

Using one of three symbols, this is how you’ll rate them:

  • + means the employee demonstrates this core value most of the time
  • +/- means the employee demonstrates this core value some of the time
  • means the employee doesn’t demonstrate this core value

Team members should be able to adopt your core values. If not, it’s worth considering nixing one or more if a handful of people aren’t exhibiting them. That helps you streamline your business’ principles so it’s a better fit for new and existing employees.  

It’s imperative to have employees exemplify your core values. If they don’t, it doesn’t mean they’re bad people. It simply means they’re not the right fit. For your business to grow, you need the best team—and that requires everyone to be on the same page, no matter their seniority level.

Why you need the right people

The reason to have the right people is that they’re the ones making your vision a reality. It matters who’s on that rocket ship with you. Everyone on your team influences each other along with how your clients perceive you, how your clients are treated and how your company grows. They’re also the people you’re spending most of your time with!

Company culture comes from the top (you) and it’s your responsibility to ensure the people you bring on your company’s path embodies your core values. 

Use People Analyzer for a cohesive team

To take the guessing out of which team members follow your company’s core values, use this tool within the EOS system. It’ll put your vision into action, propelling forward to success, not failure.

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