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Diane Prince started her first niche staffing agency in her house, grew it to multiple 8-figures, and sold it to a public company for $28 Million.

Since then, she has co-founded, built, and exited several staffing and recruiting companies and helped multiple entrepreneurs build their agencies.

Diane’s a podcast guest and speaker with deep expertise that will make you laugh, tell it like it is, and say all the things others won’t about starting, scaling, and selling a business.

But don’t just take it from Diane!

“I worked with Diane at our Executive Forum conference. She joined me on a panel that I moderated. Diane is incredibly well-prepared and very knowledgeable about all things staffing.” Hinda Chalew, Staffing Industry Analysts

“When it comes to the staffing industry, one name comes to mind: Diane. She’s a brilliant businesswoman, and she has a heart of gold.” Margo Rose, Leadership Keynote Speaker

“I think it’s one of the best Founder Wisdom episodes we’ve done, so interesting!” -Jessica Lin, Chief of Staff & Operations, Finding Founders

“If you want a speaker who is engaging, captivating, and will prepare a talk that addresses your concerns, Diane Prince is your speaker. Diane has been a guest speaker in my college classes numerous times and she always delivers. Students rave about her and stand in line after the classes to connect with her.” -Christopher P. Neck, Associate Professor of Management Arizona State University

T O P I C S + E X P E R T I S E

Diane leverages the tools and lessons she learned over the past 25 years in running companies to support entrepreneurs with their specific business and needs.

Some expert topics Diane loves to cover:

 Little known secrets to where warm leads are hiding out

The framework for creating recurring revenue service offerings

The things you need to know to solidify your sales processes

How to productize your offerings for consistent revenue > from contingent/direct hire agency to recurring revenue

The things you must have in place if you plan to exit your business – my real secret to attracting buyers

Why you should not hire lead gen companies, step-by-step instructions to do it at a fraction of the cost

The 2 essential roles you need to hire for to scale your business

Places you never thought to look for new client acquisition

How to hire recruiters

What are your options to fund staffing without giving up margins to factoring services

Game-changing hack to get inside your prospective client’s head

What to say on a sales call if you lack experience and how to close clients

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– Jessica of findingfounders.co

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