Founder Fanzine Vol. 2

Welcome to the 2nd edition of

Founder Fanzine!

My vision is to help make the entrepreneurial path easier for everyone who wants to start a business.

In this newsletter, I’ll share with you things that I think will be useful and fun. You’ll find recommendations on films and shows about startups, a featured startup book, a pitch opportunity, vetted resources and more.

What to watch:

Soorarai Pottru

Why? Recommended by one of my clients, the story of a former pilot who set out to create a low-cost civil aviation company in India.It was his efforts that brought flight travel to the masses. If you’re on the roller coaster of #startuplife, you will identify with the struggles that this entrepreneur faces and it will motivate you to keep going. This is a Tamil movie (one of the South Indian languages). It was dubbed in Telugu as well (another South Indian language).

What to read:


by Jason Fried and David Heinemeiier Hansson

Why? For a fresh take on entrepreneurship that will inspire you and relieve you from pressures put upon you by the startup hype. Topics include Planning is guessing, Underdo the competition, Fire the workaholics and more.

Clarity tip:

Use a cash flow forecasting tool like this one to help you to make decisions based on your numbers, not your gut. If you have an accountant running your numbers, you still need to  understand all of them. Test: Can you answer the question, “What’s your break even point?”

Pitch opportunity:

Slingshot 2021

Asia’s most exciting deep tech pitching competition is back! This is your chance to anchor yourself in Singapore and compete for over $800,000 in prizes! Looking for startups in four emerging challenge sectors.

Deadline to apply 8/1/2021

Resource highlight:

Consider this resource: CrewBloom for ridiculously affordable, premium sales and support talent. CrewBloom connects companies of all sizes, from Startups to Fortune 500s, with the top 2% of remote professionals.

Medium Article Spotlight:

What I Learned From Hiring My First Employee


Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.”

Warren Buffet

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