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As you know, owning a business can feel like creating magic for those of us who are driven to be entrepreneurs. There’s nothing like finding new solutions and different ways to look at a business. 

But it’s also really hard sometimes. 

Throughout this website, you can read many testimonials of clients who can explain, better than I can, how they’ve benefitted from coaching. Can you relate to any of the things that they say? 

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Diane's Story

I was recently sitting in an executive leadership meeting led by a Business Coach when I got curious about his experience and his qualifications. He was pretty good, but I wondered if he could actually relate to our company’s challenges. It seemed like he had some practical experience before becoming an advisor, but not much. I wondered, “Had he ever actually walked in the founders’ shoes?”  

This led me down a rabbit hole — searching for startup coaches who’d actually started up, scaled and sold businesses. I found lots of coaches, but very few who were tenured with the experience that I’ve had in building companies from scratch, succeeding, exiting, and (even sometimes) falling flat on my face…Ow!
The question hit me, “Why are people hiring all of these coaches who have little to no experience actually creating companies?” I wondered, “When my kid wanted to learn ballet, would I have enrolled her in a dance class with someone who had never even danced?” If not, why would I invest in a startup coach who has never labored over their own pitch deck, sweated in front of investors, hired, fired, stayed up all night to solve a problem, felt the highest highs of success, gotten blown down by the lowest of lows, and is willing to get up and do it again. 

I then realized that first-time entrepreneurs needed a place where they could go to get experienced-based coaching, to learn about tried and tested tools, to receive honest feedback and to have someone hold them accountable every step of the way. I decided that I was the person to do it and so I got to work.
I use a straight-forward approach to teach entrepreneurial tools and systems that work. 

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with Diane

Michelle RazaviFounder + CEO of ELAVI (Formerly Byld Bar)
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"As an entrepreneur, I get pulled in a million directions every day and after her call, I felt more clear on what I need to focus on in the next couple of weeks. Plus, she’s so lovely to chat with - Thank you, Diane!”
Erin WyattOwner of Erin Wyatt Photography
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"Diane's coached me on networking, writing contracts & forming professional relationships that have catapulted my business to the next level... And that has helped gain my personal confidence & life back! I can honestly say without Diane I would not be this far along. I highly recommend her!”
Wenpei Wang Founder of Plant Play Lab
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Working with Diane was how I started to make a more serious attempt at pursuing my dream of opening my own business. The timing was right, but I still felt I was walking in the dark and so Diane became the person who helped me to light my path. Everyone has a different speed and my progress is slow even though initially I wanted to hit it off the ground fast. I have worked with Diane for 6 month and I have received my first check from a client. I am continuing to write more proposals for the potential clients who reached out to me. I made my progress, slow and steady with Diane by my side, pushed me when necessary (and I needed a lot of pushing) , listened to my complaints and agitations, and recognized my small victories. Sometimes I didn't know if I was making any progress, sometimes I was disappointed, but I realized that was all part of the process; It was all worth it!
Cameron PostelwaitCo-Founder of Granite Marketing
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That meeting was really helpful for me to focus on the things that will make me happy!


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