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but let’s be honest, it’s really hard. Get support and fellowship while you take on the most difficult thing you’ve ever done, and increase your chances at startup SUCCESS!

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I've done it...

I know the rush, and the fear, of creating a business from scratch. I’ve scaled from zero to million-dollar weekly sales. I’ve been through 5 exits and I sold one of my startups to a public company, after the deal fell apart 6 times. 

Building a business is super exciting, and it can be crazy overwhelming. I coach my clients through the highs and lows so they have a better chance at success.

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What phase are you in?

Each phase of your business has new challenges and opportunities. Where are you?


The Startup Phase
Funding, development, co-founders, pitch decks, go-to-market, cashflow.


The Growing Phase
Hiring, managing, sales, marketing, sustaining, sleeping at night!


The Exit
Networking, valuation, finding buyers, how to not spend all your exit money!

James SullivanFounder + CEO of OneSeven Technology
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“Working with Diane the past several months has been the perfect mix of business health and personal health. When I’m coming with the insanity of my day, she helps me slice down the middle with the right direction to go in and execute on that. Diane helped me clear my thoughts and helped my company push forward and me to turn into a better entrepreneur."
Lucie DawsonFounder + CEO of Templa
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'I am so grateful for Diane's heartfelt guidance. She is my secret weapon, supporting me through the journey of entrepreneurship. She gives me the confidence to tackle any obstacles I come across. It's truly the best investment I've made for my business's success so far. '
Christopher P. Neck Associate Professor of Management Arizona State University
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"If you want a speaker who is engaging, captivating, and will prepare a talk that addresses your concerns, Diane Prince is your speaker. Diane has been a guest speaker in my college classes numerous times and she always delivers. Students rave about her and they stand in line after the classes to connect with her."
Christian Maynard-PhiippFounder & CEO of the Good Investor
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I know that for me and a few other founders I've talked to, demystifying the fundraising process and understanding pitch expectations is huge. Our sessions were really helpful for me both strategically and in helping me feel confident as I dove into fundraising.

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