Attention Recruiting and Staffing Agency Founders,​

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Yet, let’s face it – the challenges can be overwhelming. Imagine having a dedicated coach to guide you through the most demanding aspects of your journey, increasing your chances of success.

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Your Recruiting Agency 360 Guide

I understand the exhilaration and anxiety of launching a business. From ground zero to million-dollar weekly sales, I’ve navigated five successful exits, even selling one startup to a public company for $28 Million.

The journey of building a business is thrilling yet daunting. As your coach, I guide you through the peaks and valleys so you can confidently navigate the recruitment and staffing industry, increasing your odds of success.

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What phase are you in?

Whether you’re just starting up or maneuvering through the intricacies of a mature business, entrepreneurs frequently seek coaching support at various points in their path.

As challenges evolve, discussing feelings of being stuck or overwhelmed with your employees, investors, or even your friends or spouse might not only fail to offer a solution but could potentially exacerbate the situation.

As your business coach, I provide a confidential space to address questions and sometimes even thoughts of giving up, ensuring you can navigate the recruiting industry’s challenges without concerns about impacting your stakeholders.


The Startup Phase
Visioning, niching, business model, biz dev, systems, cashflow


The Growing Phase
Hiring, managing, sales, marketing, sustaining, founder mental well-being


The Exit
Networking, valuation, finding buyers, negotiating your exit

Christian Maynard-PhilippFounder & CEO of the Good Investor
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I know that for me and a few other founders I've talked to, demystifying the fundraising process and understanding pitch expectations is huge. Our sessions were really helpful for me both strategically and in helping me feel confident as I dove into fundraising.
James SullivanFounder + CEO of OneSeven Technology
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“Working with Diane the past several months has been the perfect mix of business health and personal health. When I’m coming with the insanity of my day, she helps me slice down the middle with the right direction to go in and execute on that. Diane helped me clear my thoughts and helped my company push forward and me to turn into a better entrepreneur."
Lucie DawsonFounder + CEO of Templa
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'I am so grateful for Diane's heartfelt guidance. She is my secret weapon, supporting me through the journey of entrepreneurship. She gives me the confidence to tackle any obstacles I come across. It's truly the best investment I've made for my business's success so far. '
Lizzie AlbergaFounder of Collective Gain
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I never expected to get what I wanted but then it was delivered and I got clarity after just 2 calls.

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